Aaron Reiley Double Bass


Reiley Model:

Big orchestra bass with a whole rich sound. To help fill or lead the orchestra.  Also, very loud and articulate sound for Jazz. This model double bass is played by Derek Weller (Principal of Michigan Opera Theatre) Spencer Phillips (Principal of Symphoria) , Sam Loeck (principal or Calgary)  Aaron Tenney (Lansing Symphony)  Anthony stoops, Lou Harless and Joe Oprea.

Lauren Model:

This is shaped very similar to the Reiley model with a slight slop in the shoulder. Similar sound but easier to get around for solo playing.

Cavallini Model:

Orchestra bass, this is what Aaron would consider his cross over bass. With a full orchestra sound and can also be used for solo playing. This one is played on by Joe Conyers (Assist Principal of Philadelphia orchestra)

Edgar Meyer Copy:

Copy of Edgar’s Gabrielli bass, this model is 5/8 size with a great soloistic sound 

Project Photos