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The Detachable-Neck Model

This bass is a copy of the infamous Edgar Meyer. Edgar is one of the most influential bassist of our time.

To learn more about Edgar click here. 

It is a Gabrielle copy with an average string length, yet smaller body it is still capable of a large sound. It's more used in solo performances.

Aaron is an award winning Luthier. He will make your custom double bass to your exact specifications. Aaron has been making basses for over 10 years, and has been around wood and fine stringed instruments his whole life. To learn more about Aaron click here or go to the tab ' Aaron Reiley

Aaron currently has three models of double basses. But can make you a copy of any
double bass you'd like. His three models are the: 

The Lauren Model 
Reiley Model
Edgar Meyer Copy
Detachable Neck Model

The Lauren Model

This bass is great for Orchestral and Jazz playing. It has a large body and a full articulate sound. Award winning Opus 8 is a Reiley Model along with the very unique Opus 12 owned by Anthony Stoops. Pictured is Opus 8.

Michigan USA

This bass is perfect for on-the-go! Just detach the neck, pack it up and go!

The instrument sounds great and is at a great price!!

Click HERE to see pictures of one of Aaron's latest creations, Opus 16. Commissioned by Sam Loeck.

Aaron Reiley Double Basses

This bass is perfect for orchestral, small group, or solo playing. This is the all around, get what you want or need bass. It has more sloped shoulders than the other bass, making it easier to get around the instrument.
Here is Kyle Elkins with Opus 13.

The Edgar Meyer Copy

The Reiley Model