Guarneri House

Kyle Elkins of the Young Heirlooms with his Lucky Number Opus 13.

Below are a few pictures of Aaron's Basses

Opus 15. 

Some of his Double Basses can be found with these fine Musicians:

(and the list keeps growing!! Keep checking back for more!)

Aaron grew up in the workshop at Guarneri House. However, his full potential as a luthier wasn’t realized until he began working full-time for his father. Aaron constructed his first double bass, a Panormo model, patterned after a double bass owned by concert artist and teacher Larry Angell. The first bass that Aaron entered in the International Society of Bassists maker’s competition received high marks from the judges in 2003. Aaron made (and sold) a second bass for the 2005 ISB Makers Competition and again received high marks. In the ISB convention in 2011, Aaron received the Silver Medal in Tone and Honorable Mention for convention favorite on Opus 8. Aaron made a copy of Edger Meyers' Gabrielle bass and received high praise on his recent tour of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Aaron just finished Opus 15 and a bass with a detachable neck. 

Michigan USA

Aaron Reiley:  Owner and Luthier

Derek Weller – Principle Michigan Opera Theatre and the Toledo Symphony
Peter Spring – Former Principle of the Grand Rapids Symphony
Jed Fritzemeier – Freelance bassist, Music teacher, and has often played with Jeff Daniels.
Joe Oprea – Freelance Jazz Bassists, studied under Tom Knific and Rodney Whitaker.Owner of Award Winning Opus 8
Maurice Todd – Is the proud owner of Opus 10. And is playing in the Lexington Symphony.
Lou Harlas – is the proud owner of Opus 11. Lou is a nationally recognized electric and acoustic bassist. He is a freelance Jazz Bassist, Music Educator teaching Bass and jazz studies at The University of Texas at Arlington and is currently teaching music in the Dallas County Community College System.
Anthony Stoops – is the proud owner of Opus 12. Anthony has established an international reputation as a leading pedagogue and versatile performer on the Double Bass. Currently Artist/Teacher of Double Bass at the University of Oklahoma. Anthony is currently serving as Co-Principal of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic. To learn more about Anthony, you can go to his website at
Kyle Elkins – Proud owner of Opus 13 (his lucky number!). Graduate student at CCM and bassist for Young Heirlooms

Sam Loeck pictured with Opus 16.