Guarneri House

Michigan USA

Double Bass

R-1877c  Joannes Gagliano, 1806

R-1883  French Double Bass, Paris. m.Claudot

R-1903   French Gamba Double Bass, labeled Husson Buthod

R-1905c  German Double Bass

R-1936   German Double Bass

R-1939   Double Bass

R-1946   Paul Bisch Contrabass click here for pictures

R-1953   Double Bass made by Stevne Reiley

R-1955   Jayhaide

R-1960   Prescott 7/8 Double Bass click here for pictures

R-1975c  Juzek Double Bass

R-1977c  Steve Reiley Double Bass

R-1979c  Opus 17 Aaron Reiley

R-1980c  Sgarbi

R-1981c  Italian Ruggeri

R-1983c  Steven Reiley No.41

R-1982c  Emanuell Whitmarsh

R-1984c  Rivolta

R-1985c  Steven Reiley No.39

R-1986c   German Double bass

R-1987c  Alcise Gavatelli c. 1941 Buenos Aires" Flat Back

R-1989    Joseph Panoromo


G-1414    Cello made by Steve McCann

R-1517     Guarneri House, made in China (white)

R-1576c  German Cello c.1900

R-1678c  French Cello labeled Francois Vaillant - Rue De La Juiverie a Paris, 1707

R-1705c  Viennese Cello made by Mathias Thier c.1780

R-1942    Gastone Bargelli di Giuseppe - 1947

R-1943    Marit Danielson Cello

R-1965    American Cello labeled "Marilyn Wallin Op. 28"


R-1666   German Violin Nicholas Amati

R-1681c  Steven McCann #28

R-1876c  Derwent Angier 1979

R-1888c Wm E. Hill & Sons, No.554 - London -1975 
click here for pictures

R-1907   Roelof Weertman

R-1920   Ouvrard, Paris 1735

R-1921    Daniel Musek 2013

R-1923c Hungarian Labled German

R-1925   Whitney Osternd violin

R-1926   Vettori Violin

R-1927   Bruno Costardi in Bergains 2011

R-1932   Widholm

R-1933   Maussiell

R-1940   Wojciech Topa Fecit Violin

R-1941    Amedee Dieudonne

R-1958 Violin labeled Pilat Pal - Budapest

R-1959   Vettori Violin

R-1963   Joannes Franciscus Pressenda

R-1971   Bailey Violin

R-1978   Violin made by Naiden Gantscheff

R-1990c  Matsuda

R-1991    Leon Bernadel violin


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last updated 9/28/2017

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R-1716c    Mc Cann Viola #29

R-1728c   Weertman

R-1842c   Steven McCann #35

R-1856c   Steven McCann #34

R-1869c   Ferrondo Solar Gonzalez

R-1909    Otto Erdesc

R-1934c Viola made by Steve McCann, 2014 Silver Medal Winner- Short string length - 16 3/8

R-1945    Forero Viola

R-1952    Scott Sidorane

R-1962    Steve McCann Viola #19

R-1972c   Viola

R-1992c   Viola labeled "Carlo Antonio Tononi"