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Regular Prices  (includes all sizes)


Violins & Violas     $17.00/month - $170.00 yearly pay in full option

(Credit  $10.00 + Insurance $7.00)

Cellos        $31.00/month - $310.00 yearly pay in full option

(Credit $21.00 + Insurance $10.00)

Double Bass  $50.00/month - $500.00 yearly pay in full option

(Credit $30.00 + Insurance $20.00)


Rental Prices

Guarneri  House Rental details

Our prices do NOT change as your child grows.

You can use 100% of your credit towards the purchase of a instrument of your own.

Our instruments are set up and serviced by professional Luthiers.

Our instruments are a  quality instrument set up with prelude strings and a wittner tailpiece. 

for more details please call our shop at 616-451-4960

Credit is non-refundable when contract is terminated. Credit is for in-store use only, towards the purchase of an instrument.

Insurance covers everything including and up to destruction of instruments, as long as foul play/malicious damage is not incurred.

Your Rental outfit will include 

Violins & Viola will include -instrument, case, bow shoulder rest and rosin

Cellos will include -instrument, case, bow, rock stop and rosin

Double basses will include - instrument, case, bow and rosin

all Rental outfit include a book and stand

Guarneri House