luthier & owner

Aaron Reiley

Guarneri House’s Luthiers

Aaron Reiley grew up in the workshop at Guarneri House watching his father, Steve Reiley, build and restore double basses. He eventually decided to follow his father into the business and became one of Guarneri House’s luthiers in 2000. Aaron would go on to start “Aaron’s Instruments”, a company dedicated to providing high quality rental instruments to kids in west Michigan public schools.

Upon Steve Reiley’s retirement in 2015, Aaron took over as president of Guarneri House, where he works alongside Steve McCann and his longtime friend Chris Kasiorek. To date, Aaron has made twenty double basses. He recently completed a copy of a Cavallini double bass for his good friend Joe Conyers of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Aaron Reiley is co-owner of Guarneri House LLC

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