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Rental Terms 

Rental Contract Specifications

  • This contract states that you agree to pay the rental payment while the instrument is in your possession.
  • Invoices will be sent out the 1st of the month to be paid no later than the 15th of the same month.
  • Monthly payments are subject to a $5.00 late fee after the 15th of the month.
  • Payments can be made online at Guarnihouse.com or by calling our shop at 616-451-4960.
  • Your first invoice will be processed on the date you sign your contract.
  • Your contract is not valid until the first payment has been received.


Delinquent Accounts

If your account becomes more than 3 months delinquent, the Guarneri House reserves the right to proceed with any of the following:

  • Void acquired credit per Guarneri House’s discretion.
  • Charge the credit card you provided for the total amount due on the 25th of the month.
  • Pick up the instrument from school or home.
  • Turn your account information over to our collection agency.

*Please take note that you will be responsible for all repairs if the instrument is damaged while the account is not in good standing, we reserve the right to not do any exchanges or repairs until the account is in good standing.


The amount applied to credit can be used to purchase the instrument you have as a rental or one of nicer quality only. 

Credit earned is as follows:

1. Monthly option (credit is earned monthly)

  • Violin and Viola – $10.00 | Cello – $21.00 | Bass – $30.00

2. Yearly option (credit is earned yearly)

  • Violin and Viola – $100.00 | Cello – $210.00 | Bass – $300.00

What does insurance cover?:

Everything  — Instrument, bow, strings, case, and any non-malicious damage to the instrument.

We do NOT cover accessories such as shoulder rests, books, rosin, and rock stop.

**Malicious damage includes: Caving in the instrument, neglectful damage, etc.**



Steps to cancel your account and return the instrument to Guarneri House are as follows:

1. You can cancel your instrument rental at any time. To avoid being billed, please follow these steps; 

  • Fill out a cancellation/return instrument form from our website, here, and leave a copy in the instrument case.
  • If we work directly with your school, please inform the orchestra teacher that the instrument needs to be returned to our company on our next visit.
  • Please contact our office at 616-451-4960 or email us at lindareiley5@gmail.com to confirm the instrument is being returned.


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