Get the best value that lets you rent with ease.

With over 1000 students using Guarneri House nationwide, we know how to provide an easy and streamlined instrument rental process for Parents.  We pride ourselves on equipping students with a high-quality instrument that offers ease of play and learning. Every Parent can get an instrument size-up at no extra cost to them as their children grow into their passion.  All of our rentals also build Guarneri House store credit which can be used to purchase any instrument in our shop including the one you’re renting!

Every Guarneri House Rental in Michigan Includes:


Worry-Free Insurance


Music Stand


Lesson Book


Wittner Tailpiece


Prelude Strings


Shoulder Rest & Rock Stop


Glasser Bow & Rosin


Size-Ups at No Additional Cost

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Pick an Instrument

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Get it Delivered

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Start Your Journey


Questions and Resources

can I get a paper copy of the rental contract?
Yes, you can download and print our Rental Contract from our Rental Contract page.  Click here
Where are the rental terms and agreements?
You can view the Rental Terms here.
Are accessories covered if lost, damaged or broken?
Accessories are not covered. The book, shoulder rest, rock stop, and rosin can be replaced at a cost in our store or online. 
Can you help tune my instrument?

Absolutely! Come into our shop to have your instrument tuned at any time.

is the quality of the instrument, bow and string good?
Guarneri House always seeks out the finest quality. Our instruments are stringed with Prelude Strings and a Wittner Tailpiece. All our instruments come with a Glasser Bow.
I missed the rental meeting at our school, what happens now?

If you have missed the rental meeting then you will need to sign up your student through our website. Visit this page to choose which rental you would like and enroll in our online payment system. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. After the order is received Guarneri House will deliver the instrument, book and stand to your child’s school. The teacher will be responsible for distributing the instrument to the student upon their discretion.

How do i cancel?
If you would like to cancel your rental you must fill out a cancellation form either online or in-person at the Guarneri House AND return the instrument with the orchestra staff at your school. You will be responsible for all payments up until the form is filled and the instrument is returned. 
What are common issues while renting an instrument?
As an instrument is rented normal wear and tear is to be expected. The strings may break, you can bring the instrument into our shop or ask the teacher to replace it. The bridge can also fall down, our shop is able to set this backup. 
How do I request a size-up of the instrument?

You can request a size-up through our website, here, or contact us directly.

What happens when the instrument is paid in full?
You will be notified when your rental instrument has been paid in full. You can either keep the instrument or use the equity to trade the instrument in and pay the difference to purchase a new one. 

Guarneri House is an amazing place to purchase a violin. I received exceptional customer service. Everyone was very knowledgeable and provided me with a wealth of information to help with my purchase. I highly recommend Guarneri House for quality and value.

-Chris K.

Excellent place. Knowledgeable and supportive owner operated small business. Thay offer a level of craftsmanship and personal attentiveness the instruments in thier care deserve. Freindly people too.

-Joe Steffes

Even though we only needed a tiny little part for my son’s cello bow (total=$5.75), we were treated like valued customers. The lady working there was very nice to my son who has autism and even gave him a little cloth to clean his cello. The man doing the repairs was helpful with finding the correct part. My husband is a cellist and has had work done by them before, too, and has always been pleased.

-Laura Muresan

Excellent service, quality instruments, and knowledgeable staff. We’ve been renting with Aaron’s Instruments for several years and couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended company!

-Yelena Wells