Concord Take off Flight Bass case


*Approximate measurements    
Height 83″ (top to bottom)
Width 31″ (at widest point, the lower bout)
Depth 13.5″ (both side closed up, rib area)
Depth 23″ (including bridge area, the highest point)
Upper width 27″  
Height (top to bottom of body) 78.5″
Endpin holding Length 3.5″  
Total length from top to endpin 82″  
Lower Bout 29″
C-Bout 24.5″  
Upper Bout 25″
Depth 8.5″ (Side of Flat back)
Body Length 48.5″ Neck heel to end of bass body
Handles 7  
Wheels 4  
Latches 6  
Gross Weight: 65 lbs  


CONCORD “TAKE OFF” Flight  Bass Case

  • Durable, strong and heavy duty hard case for traveling
  • Made of  100% fiberglass
  • Excellent workmanship features many adjustable padded foams to protect your bass & for size adjustments
  • Perfect fit 3/4 to 4/4 and any 5-string bass
  • Approximately 65 lb.
  • Extra storage mesh pockets at the bottom
  • Heavy duty hardware and wheels

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 48.5 × 31 × 83 in


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